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Global 9

Unit 1: Geography and Ancient Civilization

Archipelago Chain of Islands Example: Japan
Peninsula A land form surrounded by water on 3 sides Example: India, Italy and Florida
Monsoon Seasonal rain that impacts India and Southeast Asia * Brings flooding
Nomad A person who moves from place to place hunting and gathering for food
Cultural diffusion The exchange of goods, ideas, or even diseases from place to place Example: Pizza
Neolithic Revolution When: 10,000 BCE Where: Middle East What: When humans moved from hunting and gathering to farming Effects: +: Permanent settlements, steady food, rise of civilization -: Disease, overpopulation, conflict
Civilization A group of people who live together in one place Features of civilization: - Government - Time - Architecture - Education
Polytheistic The belief in more than 1 God/ Goddess Example: Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egyptians
Monotheistic The belief in only 1 God Example: Judaism, Christianity, Islam
Pharoah King/ God of Ancient Egypt Protected he Nile Valley with a large army
Hieroglyphics The Egyptian form of picture writing Used when building pyramids, scribe school and temples
Fertile Crescent Region of Mesopotamia created when the Tigris/ Euphrates Rivers would flood Modern day Iraq Fertile soil to grow wheat
Ziggurats A temple in Mesopotamia used to honor Gods and Goddesses Center of government
Cuneiform Writing system of Ancient Mesopotamia Wrote on clay tablets
Code of Hammurabi 1st written law codes in history Babylon, Mesopotamia used harsh punishments ( eye for an eye) treated lower class unfair
Dynasty A ruling family Example: China, Shang, Zhou
Mandate of Heaven Belief in Ancient China that leaders got their right to rule from the Gods.
Isolation Countries remain separate from others. Example: Mountains, Oceans
Interdependence Countries rely on each other Example: China+ Trade
Traditional economy An economic system focusing on agriculture (farming)
Ethnocentrism Belief that one's ethnic group is superior (better) to all other
Created by: mbarkley
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