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French and Indian War Was know as Seven Years War and Ended in Treaty of Paris 1763
Proclamation of 1763 Has two main goal Avoid Indian conflict and Build and maintain the Appalachian Mountain and keep trade with England
The Stamp of Acts Colonist has to pay and needed to raise money for the French and Indian War
Intolerable Acts It has Boston Port Acts, Quartering Acts, Massachusetts Government Acts, Quebec Act, Administration of Justice Acts
Boston Port Acts Closed the port of Boston
Quartering Acts Providing housing (living quarters) for British soldiers
Massachusetts Government Acts Took away the government from the colony and allowed to only hold meeting per year
Quebec Acts Expanded the British Canadian territory south into the Ohio valley and upset because we gave up more land
Administration of Justice Acts Moves trials to Britain
Heading to Independence 1st Continental congress met in Philadelphia, PA and the Declaration of Independence was adopted on July 4, 1776
Three singer form GA for Declaration of Independence Button Gwinnett, Lyman Hall, and George Walton
Button Gwinnett He was merchant & plantation owner and he died in a duel
Lyman Hall He was a doctor & minster and Hall county named after him
George Walton He was Lawyer, Governor, Senator, Chief Justice and Walton county named after him
Three part to the Declaration of Independence Preamble, List of Grievances, and Official Declaration
Preamble Reason behind the colonists decision to separate and states that "all men are created equal" and we have natural rights that can't be dined by governments
Lists of Grievances Complaints against the British government and one of the biggest were the imposing taxes without colonist consent
Official Declaration Officially declared the colonies free from British rule and formed as U.S.A.
Loyalist Loyal to England and also called Tories
Patriots Wanted a Independence and also called Whigs
War in Georgia Battle of Kettle Creek British attacked by Patriot militia led by John Dooly and Elijah Clarke and surprise attack led to patriots victory because the British to withdraw from Augusta
Siege of Savannah Fall 1779 largest battle of the American Revolution and Siege of Savannah lasted only 90 min
End of the American Revolution Treaty of Paris 1776 granted America Independence
Articles of Confederation America's 1st written government and Georgia signer of the Constitution was Abraham Baldwin & William Few Jr
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