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Who were the French and Indians fighting against? Britain
What was other name for Tories? Loyalist
What was the second name for the Patriots? Whigs
How did the French and Indian War impact GA? It gave Florida to England and the French North American colonies to England.
England won what? The French and Indian War
Who was Frances strongest rival? England
What war was also called the Seven Year War? French and Indian War
What was the Treaty of Paris 1763? The Treaty of Paris 1763 was the treaty that ended The French and Indian War.
How did the British respond to the cost of soldiers, weapons, and supplies of the French and War? They made the colonist pay taxes.
What did the British do to move the French forts to the west? After the war the British owned the Ohio Valley and other land the French owned.
The Proclamation of 1763 did what? It made it made it illegal to move west of the Appalachian Mountains.
Why was it illegal to move west of the Appalachian Mountains? The new British land was full of Indians that were unhappy, because they had just lost the war.
Who issued the Proclamation of 1763? King George lll
In 1764 what happened? The Western boarder moved to Mississippi.
St. Mary's River The southern boarder of GA.
What could the colonist not by from the Indians? Land
What were the goals of the Proclamation of 1763? 1. Make peace with the Indians (couldn't afford another war.) 2. Have a Trade with the Indians (Fur Trade.) 3. Maintain settlement on the Appalachian Mts. to build fort on the Proclamation line.
What is the Stamp Act? A tax on almost all paper documents.
Who did the Stamp Act affect? English Colonist
When did the Stamp Act happen? 1765
Where did the Stamp Act occur? English Colonies
The cause of the Stamp Act was to . . . raise money for the cost of the French and Indian War.
What events happened after the Stamp Act to show how rebellious and mad the colonist really were? The Boston Tea Party and The Boston Massacre
How was GA's feeling about the Stamp Act Georgia was unhappy, but remained loyal, because of the royal governor James Wright
Who opposed England? Sons of Liberty
What phrase was used to show what the colonist felt about the Stamp Act? "Taxation without Representation"
Created by: Rilynn