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Unit 3 ddriskill

8th grade

Mayflower Compact Written by Pilgrims in 1620 - started the idea of self-government
New England Colonies Rocky soil, swift rivers, cold climate, dense forests
Southern Colonies Warm climate, long growing season, cash crop farming, fertile soil, Plantations that grew tobacco, slaves
House of Burgesses First representative government in the colonies, gave colonists a voice by being able to vote for representatives to make laws for them.
Plymouth, Massachusetts Pilgrims settled this town for religious freedom
Jamestown, Virginia First successful English settlement in North America - 1607 - started to make a profit through tobacco
Reasons for French exploration of North America Settled along the rivers for fur trapping and trade
Salutary Neglect A period where England left the colonies alone to govern themselves because of the distance across the ocean
Transatlantic Slave Trade Slaves were forced to North America on this system
Colonists living near the coast Most colonists lived near water areas or the coast because of fertile soil and water needs
African slaves Were sold to southern plantation owners because of the need for labor in the tobacco fields in the south
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, Mayflower Compact, House of Burgesses Started the idea of self government
Gold, God, Glory Spanish reasons for coming to North America - a chance to find wealth, build an empire, and Christianize the Indians
Maryland Colony started by the Catholics for Religious Freedom
Town Hall Meetings Helped start representative/self-government - allowed colonists to discuss the needs of the community and vote for representatives
Created by: ddriskill
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