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Social studies vocab

unit one vocab

Artifact Object made by humans and used by archeologists to learn about past human culture
Archeology Study of evidence left by early people in order to find out about past culture
Glacier Thick sheets of ice that covered the world over 10,000 years ago
Land Bridge Theory Scientific explanation for the arrival of the earliest Americans who traveled over the Beringian "land bridge"
Irrigation A method to water crops by channeling water from rivers or streams
Surplus Extra goods, more than needed
Adobe Sun dried bricks used to build and protect homes of the Pueblo people
Pueblo Adobe dwelling with many rooms
Culture Unique ways of life that are shaped by a variety of factors over time , how a group of people live
Culture Area Region in which people share a similar way of life
Native American Descendents of the first people to reach the Americas thousands of years ago
Tribe A group of people who share common customs, languages, or rituals
Clans Groups of families that were related to one another. Iroquis lived in clans
Civilizations An advanced culture in which people have developed cities, science, and industries
Sachen A tribal chief that was elected by women of the clan
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