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Lesson 4, Unit 1


Roman emperors Augustus and Tiberius
King of Palestine Herod The Great
Ruled Judea and Samaria Pontius Pilot
Ruled Galiee Herod Antipas
Ruled area east of Galiee Plilip
Rome respected _______ faith Jewish
Who are Gentiles? Non-Jewish people
Jews _______ Romans Resented
Middle class Jews, mainly focused on the Torah(first five books of the Bible), believed in resurrection after death were the characteristics of which type of Religious group? Pharisees
Upper class Jews, against adding to the Torah, didn't believe in resurrection after death were all characteristics of which type of Religious group? Sadducees
Fought to free Palestine from Rome and used violence were the characteristics of which Religious group? Zealots
Unhappy with Jewish spiritual life, did penance, and lived in the desert were all characteristics of which religious group? Essenes
How often did the Jews pray? Everyday, all day
What three major feasts did the Jews observe? Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacle
Which day was of strict rest? The Sabbath
If you touched a dead or sick person than you need _______ prayer. Special
Town where Jesus grew up Nazareth
Holy city where Jewish temple was located Jerusalem
Town where Jesus was born Bethlehem
Name of country Palestine
Leaders, such as Augustus Caesar and Herod Antipas were from the country of _______. Rome
Jews didn't like tax collectors because _______. They took more money than they were suppose to and kept it for themselves.
Special feasts were celebrated at the _______. Temple
What word means peace? Shalom
Created by: KittenKatPerson
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