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Safety 1st Vocab 2nd

Second set of vocabulary for Unit 1

mini-drone A mini-drone is very small unmanned aerial vehicle.
multirotor A multirotor is a rotorcraft with more than two rotors.
National Airspace The airspace, navigation facilities and airports of the United States along with their associated information, services, rules, regulations, policies, procedures, personnel and equipment.
NFZ (no-fly zone) An area over which certain aircraft are not permitted to fly.
safe environment refers to a working space which avoids the potential harm and dangers involving facilities and safety plans.
safety attitude refers to a person’s tendency to respond positively or negatively towards a safety goal, idea, plan, procedure, prevention or situation.
safety consciousness refers to an awareness of hazards and alertness to danger.
safety goggles protective eyewear that usually enclose or protect the area surrounding the eye to prevent particulates, water or chemicals from striking the eyes.
sUAV Acronym for a Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle lighter than 55 lbs.
safety culture The attitude, beliefs, perceptions and values that employees share in relation to safety in the workplace.
safety discipline refers to the behavior of always being vigilant about following safety protocols.
tin refers to the process of covering something with a thin layer of solder.
UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) An aircraft without a human pilot aboard.
VLOS (visual-line- of-sight) refers to a normally unobstructed view between an intended observer and a drone. Same as LOS (line-of-sight).
Created by: MrMaynardMarty
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