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History Ch. 1-2

Who was the first European explorer to see the Pacific Ocean? Balboa
Who led the voyage of the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria? Columbus
Marco Polo visited _________ and described it's __________ to Europe. - China - riches
Who was the first to discover the Mississippi river? De Soto
Ponce de Leon discovered ______. Florida
How many continents are there? 7
Europe was responsible for the settlement of the __________. New World
Which continent was Columbus trying to reach? Asia
We a have four _______ on our planets. oceans
The largest ocean is the _________. Pacific
What is a Peninsula? A body of land surrounded on three sides by water.
The Western Hemisphere is where you will find ___________. North America
What is the largest continent? Asia
Who made friends with the Indians and traded furs with them? France
Who helped found the first French settlement in the New World? Champlain
Who gave Columbus money for his journey? Spain
What was the first Spanish settlement in America? St. Augustine
What three countries had the only claims int he New World? - England - Spain - France
Who was the first to sail around Africa to get to India? Vasco Da Gama
In 1942, who discovered America? Columbus
Who discovered the Grand Canyon? Coronado
What was Canada first named? "New France" or "Vinland"
Where did Columbus first land? San Salvador
Sir Francis Drake was none as the none as the famous British __________. "sea dog"
Who was the first to call America the "New World"? Amerigo Vespucci
The Aztecs lived in what is now _________. Mexico
Where are the four oceans on a map? Pacific,Alantic,Artic,and Indain
Where are the seven continents on a map? Europe,Antartica,Australia,Asia,Africa,N. America,S.America
Created by: alybear28