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Reconstruction Rebuilt the economy, politics, society and nation as a whole
Freedmen Enslaves African Americans who were freed by the Civil War
Freedmen's Bureau Provided jobs, resolves disputes, and court (helped African Americans after the war)
Radical Extreme
Radical Republicans Want South to suffer and slowly rejoin the Nation. Main goals were to protect Freedmen and guarantee them the right to vote and the other main goal was to prevent former gaining conflict over southern politics
13th Amendment Got rid of slavery in the North and South and also banned forced labor unless you were in jail.
14th Amendment Full rights (except for Voting) to African American males (not women nor Native Americans)
15th Amendment African American males could vote.
Jim Crow Laws/black codes Used by Southern states to control African Americans./Laws to discriminate against African Americans.
Segregation Separation of races. "Separate but equal".
Sharecropping Labor to work on land for the farmer who owns it in exchange for the value of the crop (not considered as slavery and also not forced)
Plessy Vs. Ferguson Also thought "Separate but equal". Court ruled in favor of a Louisiana law requiring segregated rail-road cars and soon after more separate facilities. The start of segregation.
Ku Klux Klan Secret society to terrorize African Americans and their white allies. Shouted threats, burned crosses, hung/shot/whipped African Americans and white republicans. They abused the freedom of African Americans.