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Ch. 4 Settlement

Pennsylvania Diverse, accepting colony settled by William Penn and the Quakers
Jamestown VA settlement that struggled to survive, but was saved by tobacco; first permanent English settlement in the New World
Roanoke Early settlement by Sir Walter Raleigh; fate of colonists is unknown
Jean Ribault French explorer who settled Charlesfort
Mayflower Compact Early form of a constitution that established framework for Plymouth, Massachusetts
Maryland Colony settled by Lord Baltimore and mainly Catholics (religious toleration)
tobacco crop that saved the colonists at Jamestown
printing press Gutenberg's invention that increased communication
Martin Luther Author of 95 Theses; split from Church of England
King Henry VIII Created the Church of England (because he was not granted a divorce)
New England section of colonies that has rocky soil and is known for subsistence farming and shipbuilding
Middle section of the colonies that is home to Philadelphia and known as the breadbasket
Southern section of the colonies where South Carolina is and tobacco was grown on plantations
indentured servant someone willing to work for 7-10 years in exchange for passage to the New World
Spain powerful European country that joined together nation-states and settled FL.
headright system system where owners distributed land to settlers in the New World (50 acres)
St. Augustine First permanent European settlement in the New World
House of Burgesses Found in VA, this was the first form of representative government (legislature) in the New World
Christopher Columbus Explorer, financed by Spain, who sailed West to get East and discovered San Salvador (New World)
Amerigo Vespucci Cartographer who the Americas was named after
Fransisco de Chicora SC native and slave to Ayllon; convinced Spain to finance voyage to San Miguel de Gualdape
fur trade Main purpose for the French and Dutch settlements
capitalism private ownership of business; profit goes to the invdividual
Renaissance rebirth of thinking; return to teachings of Greeks and Romans
Puritans Religious group that wanted to purify the Church of England; settled in Massachusetts and had strict morals
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