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Unit 2 Test

Flashcards for Social Studies Unit 2 Test

When did Cabeza de Vaca land in Texas? (Year) 1528
When did Cabeza de Vaca get rescued? 1536
What was in the book that Cabeza de Vaca wrote? Animal and Plant Life, Information about Native Americans in Texas, and Rumors of the 7 golden cities.
What did Coronado find when he was searching for gold? The Grand Canyon and the Palo Duro Canyon
What cities were Coronado looking for gold in? Cibola and Quiveria
Why were europeans looking for new trade routes to the far east (asia/india) in the late 1400s? The Turks were making people pay taxes when they pass the routes.
What effect did Columbus’ journey have on the history of Texas? He found the new world and he brought goods all around the world.
The first europeans to explore Texas were from? They were from Spain
Why is the year 1519 very important to Texas? Cortes came to Mexico and Pineda mapped the Texas coastline
Why were Spanish conquistadores interested in Texas? God, Glory, and Gold
Did European explorers ever find gold in Texas? The European explorers never found gold in Texas and they finally lost interest in Texas for 150 years
Give three examples of the Spanish Legacy in Texas. Many rivers and landmarks were named by the Spanish, Many cities have Spanish names, and Early explorations by the Spanish.
What was La Salle’s goal when he returned to North America from France in 1684? To bring all the French people to the settlement to live there.
What river did La Salle sail down from? Mississippi River
What effect did the establishment of Fort St. Louis (by the french) have on the Spanish? It gave the Spanish interest on the establishment of Fort St. Louis.
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