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SS Ch. 3 Mesopotamia

innovation a new way of doing things
division of labor the sharing of a large job so that each worker does only a part
surplus an excess amount
monarchy a governing system ruled by a king or queen
cuneiform a wedge-shaped writing system
social class a group of perople with the same level of importance in their society
merchant a person who buys and sells or trades goods
conquer to take over by force
standing army an army with paid soldiers
taxation money paid for the running of the government
code a set of laws
principle an important belief
decree an official order
territory a large area of land
scribe a person who writes for others
reason cunieform developed to keep records of the surplus traded
Lowest class in Sumer farm workers and slaves
Highest class in Sumer government officials and priests
Sargon is known for.... creating the first empire and standing army
Achievements of the Sumerians 12 month calendar, dikes/dams, canals, reservoirs, wheeled carts
The Hittites showed the Assyrians how to... make chariots
the taxation system in Babylon people paid for the running of their government
2 major rivers in Mesopotamia Tigris, Euphrates
3 bodies of water near Mesopotamia Meditterannean Sea, Red Sea, Persian Gulf
Assyrian innovations paved roads, locks with keys, libraries, magnifying glass
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