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SS Study Guide

The study of human population Demography
How long it takes for the human population to double Doubletime
An average number of children a woman will have in her lifetime Fertility rate
The number of deaths of infants per 1,000 births Infant mortality rate
How long an average newborn will live Life expectancy
Lower average income agricultural economy large population growth Undeveloped country
Higher average industrial economy slower population growth Developed country
Before this revolution the population grew at a constant rate after this revolution it grew quickly Industrial Revolution
What may be a steady reason for heart disease death Medical advances in healthier diets
Maximum number of people the Earth can sustain Carrying capacity
Location Relative or absolute
Human environment interaction includes... Natural disasters, Bridges, and deforestation
Place includes... Landforms, ethnic groups and religion
Movement includes... Imports, exports, radio and internet
Region is an... Area with common characteristics
An example of pull factors include... Jobs, safety, and food
An example of push factors include... Poverty, lack of safety and unemployment
Emigration is... Moving from one location to another
Immigration is... Moving to a location
Most people migrate for environmental reasons False
Crop failure is a pull Factor False
Having a home destroyed by a natural disaster is a pull False
Forced migration includes slavery and unstable government True
Environmental pull factor is maybe because you dislike an area False
Water is the most common environmental threat True
The availability of more jobs is a pull factor True
Refugees choose to migrate False
Cultural is characteristics of a particular group of people including language, religion, social habits, music and art True
Cultural diffusion is a spread of beliefs and social activity of one culture to different ethnicity, religion and nationalities True
Cultural Hearth is defined as a many elements of a cultural began True
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