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unit 2 vocabulary

slavery is the forceful condition in which one human being owns another, they were considered property and are deprived of most of the rights ordinarily held by free persons
Institution an established law, practice, or custom; that helps it operate and guidelines that must be followed in order for it to be successful
Cash Crop a crop grown for money
Carolina Gold rice grown in the Carolina’s
Middle Passage it is the stretch of ocean between the North America, Europe and Africa it is where the African slaves made their voyage into the New World
West Indies the small group of Caribbean islands off the coast of North America
Slave Codes laws passed to restrict the freedoms and control the lives of the African slaves
Plantation System large plots of land used to grow crops for cash and uses humans beings as a labor source known as slaves
Manumission the freeing of slaves
Mercantilism colonies only existed to benefit the mother country
Indigo plant used to make a bluish-purple dye
Export items or goods sent out
Import items an goods brought in
Tariff a tax on goods
Character is a document granting special rights to a person or group; or granting a person or group ownership of an item or place
Lord Proprietors these were the chosen owners or managers of the land in the New World
Deputies these were individuals selected by the Lord Proprietors to act on their behalf when they were not in the colony
Low Country- this is the area in South Carolina where the wealthy lived as well as the location of many plantations
Back Country this is the area in South Carolina were many small farmers and poor people lived
John Locke was an English philosopher
Quitrent rent charged annually to settlers
Created by: josiah12
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