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Unit 3 Vocabulary

16th Amendment gave Congress the power to collect income taxes
17th Amendment Established the direct election of senators by the people
Speaker of the House Presiding officer in the House of Representatives; always a member of the majority party; most powerful member of the House; position is currently held by Nancy Pelosi (D)
President Pro Tempore Temporary presiding officer of the Senate when the Vice President is not there; usually the member of the majority party with the longest continuous term in the Senate; mostly a ceremonial position; currently held by Chuck Grassley (R)
Majority Leader Chief spokesperson of the majority party in the Senate/House; directs the legislative program & party strategy; position is currently held by Senator Mitch McConnell (R) & Representative Steny Hoyer (D
Minority Leader Party leader for the minority party in the Senate & House; same responsibilities as the majority leader, except for his/her party; position currently held by Senator Charles Schumer (D) & Representative Kevin McCarthy (R)
Whip Aids the majority or minority leader of the Senate or House; passes information down from the leadership to party members; ensures that party members show up when necessary and vote when necessary
Lobbyist Organization or individual who attempts to influence legislation & the decisions of the government; can teater on the line between legal & illegal; the group with the most money often sees things go their way
Interest Groups Organized group who shares common objectives/interests who attempt to influence policy makers; hire lobbyists to work on their behalf
Impeachment An action by the House of Representatives to accuse a high ranking government official (president, VP, etc) of committing a crime; once this happens, the official is tried by the Senate to determine if he/she will be removed from office
Standing committee Permanent committee in the Senate or House that considers bills within a certain subject area; most important committees in Congress
Select Committee Temporary legislative committee established for a limited time period & for a special purpose; current committees are for Climate, Modernization of Congress, Ethics, & Intelligence
Conference Committee Special joint committee appointed to settle differences when bills pass the 2 chambers of Congress in different forms; no bill can be sent to the President to be signed into law unless it has passed through both chambers of Congress in identical form
Joint Committee Legislative committee composed of members from both chambers of Congress; current committees - Economic, Printing, Taxation & Library
Filibuster A delay tactic used by the senate where a Senator uses unlimited debate to block a bill;c an be ended IF 16 senators sign a petition requesting it be stopped AND if, after 2 days, ⅗ of the Senate vote for cloture
Cloture Shuts off discussion of a bill
Appropriation Congress’ passing of a spending bill specifying the amount of money that will be given to an agency’s use
Oversight The process by which Congress follows up on laws it has enacted to ensure that they are being enforced and administered in the was Congress intended
Necessary and Proper Clause (Elastic Clause) Article I Section 8 Clause 18; gives Congress the power to do whatever is necessary to execute its delegated powers
Ratification to formally approve
Reapportionment The allocation of seats in the House to each state after each census; if the census numbers change, the number of representatives a state has may change
Gerrymandering The drawing of legislative districts to obtain an advantage over the other political party
Rider Additional clause added to a bill which is being considered for approval by the legislative branch that has nothing to do with the subject matter of the bill; usually created as a way to pass something controversial that would not be able to pass as its o
Quorum Minimum number of voting members that must be in attendance at a meeting for that meeting to be held
Veto to reject a decision or proposal
Pocket Veto A special veto exercised by the president after a legislative body has ended; if Congress wants to reconsider the bill, it must be reintroduced in the next Congressional session
Pork Special projects or money that are intended to benefit a member’s district or state
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