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What is the term for taming animals? domestication
What does the word Mesopotamia mean? the land between the rivers
What are two rivers located in the region known as the Fertile Crescent? Euphrates and Tigris
Describe the process of the soil becoming fertile in this desert region. irrigation, a system of that supplies dry land with water through ditches, pipes, or streams
Describe a levee and explain its purpose. a bank built along a river to prevent floods from ruining crops
What did the Sumerians invent to make planting the crops easier and more efficient? a plow for fields
Describe the ziggurat. a pyramid shaped structure with a temple on top
Describe the process for creating bricks for building structures They used mud and shaped them into bricks. Then lay them out in the sun to bake. They become mud bricks
What type of cloth did they have available for making clothing? fine wool from their sheep
What were the two ways of becoming a slave (2)? being caught in war or not paying taxes
Why were small statues left by citizens at the temple? The statues keep on praying while the people go about their daily chores
According to the Sumerians who created the laws they must follow? the Gods
What are some of the duties of the king (3)? makes judgements when people have arguments, controls trade with other cities, decides who gets to farm the fields, makes sure that gods temples are in good repair, and makes sure that all the right offerings are made
What was the interior base of the ziggurat used for (2)? Work offices and storage for grain
What were the items that were taxed (2)? sheep, bags of grain, livestock, fish, funerals
What is "burden" and how was it paid? the tax that every male head of household has to pay. Its paid in time not goods.
What expenses do the taxes in Sumer cover (2)? army, repairs and improvement to the city
Do the taxes we pay in the United States today cover the same expenses as the taxes the Sumerians paid? Explain your answer and give examples and details to support your response. Yes they cover the same expenses. Federal taxes cover things like the army which protect us and the government services like road repair, bridges, and tunnels. These would be similar to those uses in the Sumerian days.
How were the priests able to predict the floods? calendars
What are three of the inventions of the Sumerians (3)? the wheel, chariot, sailboat, plow, potters wheel
Why did writing first begin? to keep records, a way to share information,
What did their first form of writing look like? It was made up of 1,200 different characters. Characters represented such things as names, physical objects , numbers
What was their new system of writing called? cuneiform
What were the two items needed to write with (2)? stylus and clay tablet
What is the school called where students learned to write? tablet school
How long did take to learn to write? Years of training
What were the people called that did the writing? scribe
What are some of the items that they wrote down (3)? records of everything that happens each year,
What does the word cuneiform mean? a system of writing developed by the Sumerians that used wedge shaped marks made in soft clay
What are stories about deities (gods and goddesses) called? Epic
Why do the Sumerians believe the gods created humans? They created humans to rule the cities
What is a very long story (usually in poetic form) called? epic long poem that tells the story of a hero
How many tablets was Gilgamesh written on? 12
When did Gilgamesh rule? Sometime around 2000 B.C.
Who was Gilgamesh? A god and a human
What was Gilgamesh's greatest fear? death
When did Sumerians invent cuneiform? 3200 B.C.
City-states rise in Sumer 3000 B.C.
Sargon conquers Sumer 2340 B.C.
Hammurabi becomes king of babylonian empire 1792 B.C.
Chaldean and Medes caputured Nineveh 612 B.C.
Assyrians control Mesopotamia 900 B.C.
Persians recognized that the Chaldeans had lost their strength and leadership. Captured Babylon and Mesopotamia part of their empire 539 B.C.
Empire a group of many different lands under one ruler
Who was Sargon? an ambitious leader who ruled the people of Akkad. He became the king of Sumer and Akkad. He formed the worlds first empire.
Who formed the worlds first empire? Sargon
Who was Hammarabi? The Babylonian king that created the Babylonian empire
What is silt? small particle of soil
What is irrigation? method of watering crops
surpluses extra amounts
The flooded rivers of Mesopotamia carried small particles of rich soil called silt
An Artisan specializes in making goods
In Sumerian city-states, people worshipped their gods in a temple called a ziggurat
A Sumerian farmer was not a member of the lower class
Which of the following did Sumerians use to write cuneiform? Reeds
Epic of Gilgamesh The worlds oldest known story
Sumerians invented the wheel
What does Sharrum-kin mean? “the true king.”
The Code of Hammurabi is the most complete collection of Babylonian law that remains today. This set of laws is among the oldest in the world
Where can The Code of Hammurabi be seen Louvre Museum in Paris, France
A group of merchants traveling together for safety, usually with a large number of camels caravan
having to do with soldiers, weapons, or war military
a person who studies planets and stars astronomer
a payment made to a ruler or state as a sign of surrender tribute
a large territory or group of many territories governed by one ruler empire
a territory governed as a political district of a country or empire province
a set of official laws code
Chaldeans believed that honoring ----------- would bring crops and peace to their empire Marduk
Merchants came to the city in traveling groups called caravans
Perians conquered Babylon
The Assyrian army was made up of infantry, cavalry, and charioteers
An Assyrian king named-----------made one of the worlds first libraries Ashurbanipal
The ruler of Akkad who formed the worlds first empire was Sargon
It is believed that -------------built Babylon's hanging gardens to please his wife Nebuchadnezzar
The ---------empire crumbled after Nineveh was destroyed Assyrian
Around 2340 B.C.----------- created the worlds first empire Sargon
Hammurabi's law code influenced later law codes, including Greece and Rome
Assyrian kings divided their empire into political districts called provinces
One of the key factors in the success of the Assyrian army was their use --------weapons iron
Strongly influenced the Assyrians the Babylonians
What was the capital of Assyrian Empire? Nineveh
Who built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Neebuchadnezzar
Who conquered the Assyrian Empire? Babylonians
Babylonian ---------sold goods to passing caravans artisans
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