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Logan Chapter 1

One benefit of an inset map is that it gives_____________that would otherwise ________fit on the map. information not
Pennsylvania is located in the __________________region. northeast
Texas is located in the southwest region and has___________ as a major land form. deserts
People may work in a mine or another business that ____________ ________ natural resources. depends on
People also must __________ _____ their environment. adapt to
Solar panels are an example of one type of __________________ that can allow people to use renewable energy sources. technology
The Four Corners shows that state boundaries can have _________________lines. straight
Hawaii's climate is _____________ and ____________ all year. warm wet
New York has ________, ___________ winters. wet cold
___________________is the leading crop of the Southwest. Cotton
The most valuable resource found in Oklahoma and Texas is ____________. oil
Farmers in Nebraska and Kansas depend on the ______________ ______________ for irrigation. Ogallala Aquifer
_____________has a dry, very cold winter and cold summer. Alaska
Soil is a ___________________ resource. renewable
If you turn the water off when brushing your teeth, you are _________________________ a natural resource. conserving
The _____________Mountains run through the state of North Carolina. Appalachian
Mississippi has a humid, _______________winter and hot summer. mild
Iowa is located in the ________________region. midwest
California is located in the most ________________region; the west. varied
Created by: Mrs. Logan



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