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Reconstruction Vocab

Assassination murder of a political or government leader
Reconstruction rebuilding and healing a country after war
Andrew Johnson became president after lincoln was killed
13th Amendment abolished slavery
Black Codes laws made by the South before the Civil War to keep African Americans from having rights
Reconstruction Act Of 1867 gave Afican American men the right to vote.No former confederate leaders could hold office or vote.Made by Congress
Freedmen's Bureau Form to help freed slaves.It build hospitals and schools
Carpetbaggers people who came from the North to start businesses in the South
Scalawags Southerns who suppoted Reconstuction
14th Amendment gave African Americans citizenship and the right to equal protectionunder the law
15th Amendment gave ALL male citizens the right to vote (including Africans Americans)
Impeachment Officials chrages of wrongdoing by an elected by Congress
Segregation seperation
Jim Crow Laws laws passed after Reconstuction that enforced segergation
Sharecropping renting land from landowners and paying rent
Grandfather Claws exceptions put in laws to help make changes easier
Involuntary Servitude having to serve not by ones's owns choice, slavery
Deprive to remove or taken away
Special Privileges immunities, being allowed to do something others are not
Area Of Control jurisdiction, where one has influence
Abridge to take away, shorten
Insurrection rebellion against your own country
Due Process all the steps taken to preserve the rights of citizens
Naturalization to give the rights of being a citizen to someone not born in the US
Obligation a promise, contract, or sence of duty
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