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8SS_1st Qtr Test_201

Gooch - 8th Grade 1st Quarter Test 2019

What does a primary source refer to? letters, diaries, photographs and oral accounts
What do secondary sources include? textbooks, and items created by people who did not witness actual events
Where is the coastal plain located? the Easternmost and largest region in NC
What is the mountain region known for? being the most sparsely populated region
What is the Piedmont region known for? the most urbanized, industrialized and wealthiest region
What did the Columbian Exchange change? it transformed diets in Europe, Asia and Africa
What were common characteristics shared by Native American groups in North Carolina? included living in family based villages, with their lives revolving around the seasons
What was the Lost Colony? the 3rd attempt to colonize Roanoke led by John White
Settlers came to the colonies for religious freedom, adventure, to make a living, or were forced to come to America.
Factors leading to the settlement of the colonists related to geography, especially climate, and natural resources, as well as access to overseas markets.
Created by: ndmsteach