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Native Americans


What did the Native Americans do before the arrival? Land bridge was caused by sea level drop that allowed nomads to travel from northern Asia to Alaska
Why were Europeans exploring sea routes? They were looking for gold, god, and glory
God They wanted to convert natives to Christianity/missionaries
Gold This was the currency that all countries used
Glory Pride in one's country
What was the Columbian exchange? Exchange of goods, slavery, disease between Europe, American's and Africa
What was the spanish armada? English naval victory over spanish/Spain loses global dominance
What was the renaissance? Period in history in which there was a revival of interest in art and learning
Who were the Conquistadors? Men who conquered and claimed land for Spain
What was the reason for the easy conquest of the Native Americans? Native feelings about land thought the land was share by everyone no private owners
Where did they explore the conquer? Having conquered major Native Americans empires in central and South America, the Spaniards began to explore other parts of North and South America
What were the missionaries? People who were sent to convert into christianity
What was Columbus theory about the world? He assumes the Atlantic Ocean is small and traveling west is the shortest route to Asia
Who financed his voyages? King and Queen of Spain
The french and english explores believed in Northern passage. What was it? Jacques Cartier and Henry Hudson believed there was a water passage through the America's that would take them to Asia
Where did England and France explore? Why? As a result of Henry Hudson voyages, the Dutch established a colony in present day New York-The French established colonies in present day Canada
Why was there trouble between England and Spain? They were both trying to colonize the America's
How can Historians use journals to learn about the past? Shows us what was happening then What Columbus writes tells us things-what happened, his feelings, Native Americans, their relationships, how they felt about them and how they felt around him
Created by: jschwartzman