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Buddhism symbol Dharma Wheel
Buddhism Holy Book The Tripitka
Four Nobel Truths all life is suffering, desire is the cause of pain, pain ends when you over come the desire, to over come desire have virtue and compassion
Hinduism and Buddhism believe in... Karma-the result in our past actions and our present doings
reincarnation... Hindus and Buddhas say that you are reborn on earth or reach Nirvana, inner piece of enlightenment
Buddhas worship at... Home or in temples facing Buddha and chanting
Hindus worship in three forms.. Brahma (the creator), vishnu (the presenter), shiva (the destroyer)
diety higher being or( god like)
Hindus worship/gather Mandir or temple its dedicated to a diety (god) and contains a shrine
Hinduism symbol Aum or Om, like meditation
where did most Buddhas live China 50%
where do most Hindus live India 95%
Polythistic (believes in many gods) Hindus are the only religion that is
Monotheistic (believes in one god) Judaism Islam and Christianity are all
who is the god of Judaism Yawah
what is the Holy Book of Judaism Tanakah believe in the old testement of the Bible also Torah (hebrew law), Nevi'm (prophets), Ketuvim (writing)
Jew do not believe Jesus was the jewish messiah or concidered a prophet
where do jews worship Synagogue or Temple
Jews are still waiting for a... Messiah
Leader of Jews is Abraham
Jews Celebrate Hanukkah-a festival of commemorating the reddication of the second temple in Jerusalem at the ti,e of the Seleucidempire
how many people in the world 14 million, 6 million in isreal and 5 million in united states
where did judaism, christianity, and islam originate Middle East
Created by: elliebritton05