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WWI Vocab

American History

Militarism belief of a government that maintains a strong military
Alliances People who are on the same team
Imperialism extending a country's power
Nationalism Identification of a nation
Propaganda Information to influence opinion
Contraband goods that are illegal
Appease acceding to there demands
Bogged Becoming stuck
Phosgene organic chemical
Caustic able to burn
mediate an agreement with people
Espionage spying
Sedition conduct a speech
activists efforts to promote
pacifists i person who believes in violence
Inability unable to do something
disillusionment feeling disappointed
abdication failure to fulfill responsibility
contentious cause an argument
communism a political theory
prejudice an opinion
Infantry soldiers marching
prosecute legal proceedings
patriotic greatly support your country
turmoil confusion
hostility angry behavior
migration seasonal movement from animals
Armistice An argument on war
Commodity an item
Spade tool with sharp edge
Coveted wanting something
Medal of honor taking a risk for your country
Apparatus special equipment
Bedrock solid rock
Derrick a crane that moves crates on a ship
Detrimental could cause harm
exorbitant an unreasonable price for tickets
fusion joining two or more things together
Rotary a center or axis that rotates
Temperance something from an alcoholic drink
Created by: Mitchel Kapla
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