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Renaissance Quiz

Rennisance stuff

In what Italian City did the Renaissance start in? Florence
what family played a large role in the start of the renaissance? The Medici Family
WHat are the five ways they made their fortune? 1.) Banking 2.) wool 3.) Mining 4.) Manufacturing 5.) Trade
What two major groups of people from the past did the renaissance revisit heavily influenced the era? Greek and Roman values
What is the term for the studying of these two groups? Classicism
What famous greek writer was studyed by Francesco Petrarch? Homer
What were this greeks writer most famous stories? The odeyssey and the Illiyaed
Who invented the first ever moveable printing press?/ Johannes Gutenburg
What did this invention lead to? More people learning how to read
What did the Micolo Machiavelli's ideas in "The Prince " justify for monarchs? Concentrate powers
What were two of Leonardo DaVinci most famous paintings? Mona Lisa and The Vetruvian Man
What building did Michealangelo paint all by himself? Sistine Chapel
what were two unique things that were unique about Renissance artwork in paintings and sculptures? The point of perspective, demension , and to draw the viwer into the painting.
How was the Renaissance architecture similar to the greeks and romans? The columns, elements, and the half domes.
Created by: mmorell23
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