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history chap 3-5

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What is a delta A delta is the head of the river that splits off into multiple smaller rivers
Whom is Khufu? He is the second pharoh and the first pyramid was made for him
Thutmose III He ruled Egypt to its peak in power
hieroglyphics Egyptian writing
papyrus a paper-like substance made from reeds
hatshepsut first female pharoh
mummification the process of preserving a dead body
sphinx a statue with the body of a lion but a head of a man
polytheism Believe In many gods instead of one
Nile River Egyptians main river and only river that flows south to north
Rosetta Stone The stone that had 4 languages inscribed on it and helped translate hieroglyphics
King Tut Young Egyptian pharoh and died young also most famous pharoh
theocracy a system where the priest rule in the name of god
Covenant A solemn aggreement
David Best of israels kings and built temple and slayed the giant
Decalouge Ten rules or laws
judges 12 rulers who judged israel
Solomon David's son became good king and rebuilt the temple also turned away from god
Joshua First king of israel
Samel First king of Judah and conquered Israel
Phoenicians Invented alphabet
Jerico Great city that got counqured by isreal with trumpets
Saul was great king then turned on god and belived in witchcraft
alphabet a group of symbols and letters
Ashurbanipal Created a huge library of over 100.000 scrolls and was last king of new babylon
Daniel became chief advisor to nebuchhadnezzar
Nedbuchadnezzar Destroyed Jerusalem and became very powerful
Belshazzar controlled Babylon while his dad left
Jonah Got swallowed by a whale and deceived gods orders
Cyrus The Great Conqured Egypt and other stuff
Nabonidus Left his son in charge of new Babylon while he went on a trip also was Nebuchadnezzar's son
Created by: zippyzizo
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