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SOS exam

gender issues in sport

Name two people that are against the change of gender equality for transgender athletes in sports. Sharron Davies and Professor Alison Heather .
Who is Sharron Davies and whats her point of view ? She is 56 and was raised as a competitive swimmer herself and represented England in the commonwealth games and the olympics. She believes that transgender athletes have an unfair sex advantage and should not be able to compete with cisgendered females.
Why is Sharron Davies against the change ? Sharron is against the change because she BELIEVES 'there is a benefit to being born a male, and thats not fair on females in sport" and because she VALUES fairness in sport
Who is Professor Alison Heather and whats her point of view? She is a professor at Otago University and believes that the testosterone levels are unfair
Why is Professor Alison Heather against the change ? She BELIEVES that the test done was not enough research because the sample size was too small (only 8 people) and she VALUES science, facts, evidence and research.
Name two groups/people that are for the change of gender equality for transgender athletes in sports. Human Rights Commission New Zealand (HRCNZ) and Parker Molloy
What is the HRC and what is their point of view? human rights commission nz says, the Laurel Hubbard selection and participation in the women's weightlifting section at the 2018 games is a correct decision and those questioning her is wrong
Why is the HRC for the change ? They believe "there is no valid reason to exclude trans women" when that have met the "acceptable testosterone levels that enable her to compete in sporting competitions " and they VALUE fairness and equality in sport.
Who is Parker Molloy and what is her point of view? She is a 33 year old, transgender rights activist and writer. She believes that transgender athletes have no advantage from cisgendered athletes.
why is Parker Molloy for the change ? she has this view because she is a trans women herself and believes once you undergo hormone therapy "any advantage a trans women might have will be wiped out"
what was the gender policies like in 1940 IAAF International Association of Athletics Federations) made a new rule that athletes required a doctor's note certifying their sex in order to compete. You competed in your biological sex
what was the gender policies like in 1960 there was visual genital inspections to verify the athletes sex. There were unfair tests such as mandatory nude parades, nude examinations at doctor panels, and such.
what was the gender policies like in 1999 The IOC stops mandatory sex verification tests
what was the gender policies like in 2003 the IOC allows transgender athletes to compete with hormone treatment and sex reassignment surgery
what was the gender policies like in 2016 the IOC amended their 2003 policy with no longer requiring athletes to undergo gender reassignment surgery
What was the cultural change for elite sports woman ? Because of gender roles, woman were perceived to be mothers and caretakers only and were not taken seriously in sports.
What was the cultural change for Transgender athletes ? Transgender athletes were not discussed until 1980 where there was nude parades that were mandatory sex verification test.
Describe why the process that led to the change was important for those individuals involved ; Transgendered students can feel more comfortable and confident playing sport. Transgender athletes don't require to undergo the surgery to be able to compete - equal opportunities, fair treatment, no discrimination/ hate towards the trans community
What was the process (the actions) that have made it possible for Transgender athletes to compete at a professional level in sport? The IOC role- modelling the new policies to other sporting bodies. the 2003 policy allowed trans athletes to compete which was a huge change.
What was the process (the actions) that has made the closing of the gender pay gap in professional sports possible? The government implementing (making and carrying out) the pay policy.
What are some significant changes in the gender pay gap in New Zealand? jacinda, atlanta cycling commitee
Created by: sethumi



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