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SS ch 1 vocabulary

Buckskin skins from deer often used for clothing
cradleboard a baby carrier used by Native Americans while they worked
tanning a process of soaking, drying, and stretching hides to preserve them
longhouse a rectangular shelter built by the Iroquois
wampum Iroquois beads made from shells that were used for belts, money, and trade
wattle and daub a style of shelter the Cherokees built using ticks or river cane plastered with mud
orally the telling of stories aloud
shaman a Native American religious leader
archaeologist a person who looks for and studies artifacts to learn about the way ancient people lived
artifact a man=made object left behind by people of the past
Creation Mandate the command given by God for people to fill the earth to rule over it
culture the customs, beliefs, and creative arts of a group of people
hogan a Navajo home that was dome shaped and made of wooden poles, tree bark, and mud
kachina a spirit who the Pueblo people believed controlled objects of nature
kiva a special room in a Pueblo that was set aside for religious activities
pueblo an American Indian village of the southwest made of stone and adobe buildings built very close together
tomol a Chumash canoe built from cedar and redwood planks and sealed with asphalt
harpoon a long=handled spear used for whale hunting
igloo a dome=shaped house made from blocks of snow and ice or sode that was built by the nomadic Inuits
migrate to move from one region to settle in another
potlatch a Makah feast that often lasted several days in which the host gave gifts to his guests
totem pole a large wooden statue with a series of carved faces of creatures stacked on top of one another that symbolize the family's ancestors; stood in front of many Makah homes
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