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S.S. Stone Age

Because fewer people were needed in the field_____occurred for the first time Specialization
What replaced hunting and gathering after the last Ice Age ended?__________ Farming
What was another Paleolithic age advancement that helped early people communicate?___________ Spoken language
During the Ice Ages, Low sea levels exposed a _______that connect Asia and North America. Land bridge
How many people travel together? 20 to 30 people
How did the early human lives change during the agricultural revolution? (List 3) Constant food supply, increase of population, settled communities
The discovery of_________was a major breakthrough for the early peoples. Flint
How did the Paleolithic people survive? Hunting and gathering
What is growing food on a regular basis known as? Systematic farming
Early villages were located near______and______. Freshwater and fertile soil
What did early people use writing for? To preserve stories and accurate records
What were four technological advances developed at the end of the neolithic age? Metal and bronze use, smarter farming, defense systems, millstone, and plows
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