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Academic Vocabulary

stimulate to excite to action
component any of the main parts of a whole
diversity to add variety or balance
dominate to be more powerful or successful than others
investment a sum of money spent in order to gain a profit later
market an area of economic activity in which buyers and sellers come together and the forces of supply and demand effect prices
consolidate to join together into a whole
profit to gain after all expenses are subtracted
restraint holding back or checking of action
entrepreneur people who build and manage businesses or enterprises in order to make a profit
corporation a business of which a number of people share ownership to take advantage of expanding markets
cartel business making the same product agree to limit their production and thus keep prices high to eliminate competition
compel to drive or urge to action
persecution harassment or unfair punishment because of one's belief
refugee a person who flees to a foreign country to escape danger or discrimination
preliminary happening before and leading up to something; initial
detain to hold in prison or in custody
exclude to leave out
activist someone who fights for a controversial cause
recruit to find people suitable to fill jobs in a company or an organization
migration moving from one place to another , often on a seasonal basis
sanitation keeping a place clean and healthful by removing waste
satire a kind of literature that uses sarcasm and humor to criticize someone or something
sensational creating a strong but shallow emotional reaction
cater to supply something that is wanted or needed by a particular group
Created by: Ms. Marshall