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Road to Revolution

24 words (set 4)

boycott a protest in which people refuse to buy certain items until specific conditions are met
broadside a sizable sheet of paper printed on one side
confederation a loose organization of the states with a weak central government and a powerful state government
Council of Safety set up to oversee local committees and take powers of royal governor and his council
Declaration of Independence issued by 2nd Continental Congress and it stated the intention to be free of British rule
external tax indirect tax placed on merchants
First Continental Congress a meeting that resulted in the establishment of a boycott of British goods
grievance official statement of complaint over something believed to be wrong or unfair
internal tax direct tax paid by colonists
Intolerable Acts British action that forced colonists to host soldiers in their homes and closed the Boston port
loyalist remained loyal to Great Britain and King George
minutemen armed American soldiers
patriot individuals who wanted independence from Great Britain
preamble the beginning of a document that explains why the document exists
Proclamation of 1763 the boundary established after the French Indian War
Provincial Congress the meeting of representatives from Georgia's parishes that generally opposed British policies
repeal take back
smuggling secretly importing or exporting goods
Stamp Act law that placed a tax on all printed items and documents
Sugar Act law placing a tax on sugar, molasses, and other products shipped to the colonies
Tea Act law passed by Britain's parliament that gave one company a monopoly on a favorite beverage
tory another name for loyalist
virtual representation a term the British used to describe their right to tax the colonists
whig another name for a patriot
Created by: tbosworth