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Unit 1

Exploration, Contact and the Columbian Exchange

When did Columbus make his 1st voyage? 1492
Where in the new world did Columbus explore? the islands in the caribbean
Who sponsored Columbus’ exploration? Spain (Isabella and Ferdinand)
What was the first motivation for Europeans to explore? Trade with Asia
The 3 G’s that historians use to help describe the motivations for exploration really mean Gold--Wealth Glory--competition God--Converting Native people
Who conquered the Aztecs and the Incas? Cortez-Aztecs Pizarro-Incas
Define Columbian Exchange The transfer of living things between hemispheres after Columbus
What goods were introduced to Europe that had the largest effect? Crops like corn and potatoes Also tomatoes, tobacco and squash
What goods introduced to the Americas had the greatest impact? Horses and Diseases like smallpox
What effect did new crops from the Americas have on European society? the population grew
Describe the Americas before Columbus Populated with 30-100 million people, well fed, large empires, some slavery and diverse
Describe Western Africa before Columbus Large empires, trading gold, salt and slaves with Europe with some immunity to disease
Describe Europe before Columbus Competitive, plagued with disease, changing because of Renaissance and Reformation with serfs and nobility
How did Columbus describe the Natives in his journal? simple, ready for conversion, easy to conquer, without technology and easy to enslave
How did Columbus describe the landscape in his journal? Green, flat, fertile and ready to colonize and farm
Created by: Kelly.richmond