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Global Englishes

The study of global English

Name seven key English speaking nations USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and India
How many native speakers and people who use it as a second language speak English? 400 million
What is the overall percentage of people that can speak English out of the world's population? 20%
Define "Bilingual" Speakers that have a broad vocabulary in multiple different languages
What is "Lingua Franca"? A term for a common language used to facilitate global relations such as trade, commerce, industry, science, art etc.
How many sovereign nations is English an official language? 65
Which language in the 17th and 18th century was considered the main "lingua franca" before English? French
Between 1800 and 1945 why was Britain the wealthiest and most influential country on Earth? Because they experienced the Industrial Revolution much sooner than everyone else
When England colonised the New World, what two things did they do? They colonised a large southern landmass and annexed huge portions of the world as part of the British Empire
Unfortunately after the war, what happened? Germany had a lot more cultural clout than the UK due to the corruption of the British Empire
Which country became a superpower and compensated for the UK's decline after World War 2? USA
What is "Soft Power"? Cultural influence that is harder to measure (trust in diplomats)
What is "Hard Power"? Militaristic features (army factors)
What four things is English the language of? Richest economy, best universities, biggest media producers and wealthy businesses
What is a "Pidgin"? A type of localised lingua franca that derives from a need to communicate between people of different languages in a particular location
What are pidgins for? Transactional reasons
What is a "Creole"? A pidgin learnt as a first language by babies
What is the history of Jamaican patois? In 1655, during the slave trade, slaves from Jamaica and West Africa tried to imitate English speaking slave masters under harsh conditions
What two things did Jamaican patois had to do in order to be a creole language? Complexity and sufficiency
What three things did West African languages provide Jamaican patois with? Vocabulary, grammar and phonology
What year did Jamaican patois become popular in the UK? 1960s
What caused Jamaican patois to weave its way into urban areas in the UK? The influx of immigration from the Caribbean
What three other languages feed into Multicultural London English? Indian, Pakistani and Chinese
What are people's attitudes towards pidgins? Usually seen as unimportant and certainly lacking prestige by many
What are people's attitudes towards creoles? Slightly better regarded than pidgins, though there is a tendency for them to not be seen as proper languages, since they are not associated with a substantial body of literature
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