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Native Americans

This is a StudyStack for the Historic Native American Test

The Late Woodland Period Eastern Woodland Indians began around 1000 A.D.
What is the mound called in South Charleston? The Creil Mound
What did the Delaware People call themselves Lenape
What tribes were around in the Woodland Period Adena and Hopewell
What site may be the oldest Prehistoric settlement in WV? St. Albans
What does Paleo mean? Older or ancient
What does Archaic Mean Very old
What year did the Hopewell begin? 200 B.C.
What did the Hopewell do with burial mounds and earthworks? Ceremonies respecting the sun and for burial mounds.
What time did the Hopewell people live? Middle Woodland
What time did the Adena people live? Early Woodland
Where the Paleo people nomadic or did they stay in one place? They were nomadic
What does Adena mean? An estate of Ohio Governer Tomas Worthington
What tribe had summer homes? Cherokee
What spear point did the Paleo people use? The Clovis Spear Point
What weapons did the Archaic people develop? The Folsom and the Atlatl
How did the Paleo people travel to America? Siberia-> Barengia
Where were the Paleo people found? Kanawha and Ohio Valley
What does Shawnee mean? southerner
What tribes were in WV? Shawnee, Cherokee, Delaware and Mingo
Why was it important that they made contact with the Europeans? They had weak immune systems
What is the natural defense against harming agents? Immuntiy
What kind of society did the late Woodland people have? Matrineal
Who founded the Grave Creek Mound? Joseph Tomlinson
Where is the Grave Creek Mound? Moundsville
Created by: gbcaudi1
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