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US: Colonial America

Unit 2

exploration traveling to new territories for the purpose of discovery
colonization state sponsored settlement of people to new territories
mercantilism economic policy where colonies serve as a source of raw materialsto increase the wealth and maintain a favorable balance of trade for the “mother” country
representative government political system where policies are created by representatives selected by the people
charter a contract given to someone to establish a colony
plantations large agricultural enterprise where crops are grown for sale
region a geographic area that share similar characteristics
harbor a place on the coast where ships can find shelter and deliver goods
settler someone who moves to a new place with the intention to stay there
colony an area under the political control of another country
pilgrim a person who makes a long, often difficult, journey to a special place for religious reasons
pioneer someone who is among the first to explore or settle an area
joint-stock company a company in which investors buy stock in return for a share of its future profits
persecute to mistreat a person or group on the basis of their beliefs
indentured servant a laborer who agrees to work without pay for a certain period of time in exchange for passage to America (a person who agrees to be a slave for a period of time to get to America)
debtor a person or country that owes money
cash crops a crop grown to make money rather than to be used by the grower
agrarian farming
subsistence farming when farmers grow food crops to feed themselves and their families rather than growing crops to make money
primary source a document made at the time period being studied
secondary source a document made using a collection of primary sources, usually analyzing or making a theory about what happened
migration movement of people from one region to another



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