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reading quiz p.63-90

Honors History

Joint Stock Company financial institution; the design allowed investors to buy and sell shares of an enterprise;
How did the earliest colonies govern themselves? the company appointed a council of six to govern the colony; colony elected own president; called themselves planters (because the establish permanent colony);
What was one reason why the Jamestown colony failed? they thought the picked a very fit place but they actually chose land with terrible water supply; at high tide it was salt water; at low tide it was full of slime and filth
How did the Powhatan Indians help save Jamestown? they fed the english and saw benefit in trading with them
What was John Smiths attitude towards colonists and work? he made a policy saying ¨he who doesn't work, doesn't eat¨
What were two reasons why England wanted to preserve the Jamestown Colony in Virginia? 1. they needed to send christian missionaries and build a base in the Americas so they could convert Indians 2. so they could have future allies for war
What product helped save Jamestown? tobacco
How did the change from trading with Native Americans to a tobacco based agriculture ¨seal the fate¨ of Native Americans in 1620s? the Indians were essential to the colony's early survival but after that they were considered workers who help plant there crops
why was king james happy to see Puritans on their way to colonize the new world? they were causing him problems (because they want things to change and have reformation) and so when he saw them leaving he knew they weren't going to bug him anymore
Pilgrims name given to the separatists within the church of England who settled Plymouth, Massachusetts
Mayflower Compact the 1620 agreement made among pilgrims and others on board the ship that brought them to Plymouth
Explain how the first thanksgiving came about. the first thanksgiving was a weeklong time of feasting. The Pilgrims were re-creating a traditional English harvest festival.
Puritans name given to those Protestants within the church of England who wanted to stay in the church but ¨purify¨ it of Roman Catholic ways
What was the great migration? when some twenty thousand people migrated from England to Massachusetts.
The charter of the Massachusetts bay company legal charter given to the London-based corporation that launched Massachusetts Bay Colony
What was the name of the first governing body in the New World? the great and general court
Fundamental orders of Connecticut the 1639 charter that Massachusetts authorities allowed a new separate colony based in Hartford to adopt which confirmed its Independence
Halfway Covenant Plan adopted in 1622 by New England clergy that allowed adults who had been baptized because their parents were church members, but who had not yet experienced conversion ,to have their own children baptized
proprietary colony colony created when england monarch granted a huge tract of land to an individual as his private property
What was Lord Baltimore's general goal when he established Maryland? to make it a haven for English Catholics
head-right system system of land distribution during the early colonial era that granted settlers a set amount of land for each head (person) who settled in the colony
patroons dutch settlers who were given vast tracts of land along the Hudson River between New Amsterdam and Albany in return for bringing at least 50 immigrants to work the land
Why was Pennsylvania established? as a proprietary colony and as a haven for a persecuted religious group while being open to all
What was the charter of liberties? established an elected legislature; allowed three most southern countries of Pennsylvania to create their own assembly
What were the two divisions in the Carolina Colony? north- poor white farmers from Virginia south- large-scale rice growing created a rich colony
list two reasons why James Oglethorpe wanted to establish the Georgia colony so the poorest could find new life so england could have a strong frontier colony on the border with Spanish Florida
How did slavery begin in the United States? John Rolfe was anxious to expand the workforce (tobacco farming) so he traded food supplies to the Dutch in return for 20 African slaves
indentured servants individual who contracted to serve for a period of 4 to 7 years in return for payment of passage to America
Briefly explain what happened during the Pequot war Puritans built an alliance with Mohegans and Narrangesetts; attacked pequot fortress; set houses on fire;attacked anyone that fled; four hundred pequots were killed and their village annihilated; surviving pequots were sold into slavery
Pequot war Conflict between English settlers and Pequot Indians over control of the land and trade in eastern Connecticut
Explain the events that led/happened in the Meta comets war sassamon told winslow Metacom was preparing for war winslow refused to believe him and sent him away then his dead body was found metacom denied being apart of his death and asked authorites to allow wamponags to settle but instead they hung 3 associates
Metacoms war conflict in New England between Wampanoags, Narragansett, and other Indian peoples against English settlers
What occurred during the Great Swamp Fight? English force destroyed Narragansett fort and killed three hundred warriors and burned above 300 women, children, and old people;
Bacons Rebellion 1676 rebellion in Virginia led by a recent immigration from England (Nathaniel Bacon ); a militia attacked not only Indian Villages but also the royal governor before being defeated
Who founded the city of Quebec ? Samuel de Champlain
What discovery did Louis Juliet and Father Jacques Marquette make related to the Mississippi river? they discovered it was NOT the route to china
coureurs de bouis runners of the woods
What was the difference between the way that French explorers treated native Americans vs how explorers from other European nations treated them The french made relationships with various tribes and a personal relationship with native women and brought wealth back to New France while others did not associate them and were mean to them
hacienda large tract of land/ranch given to an individual by the Spanish crown; where the earlier encomienda system was a grant of individuals (Indians) the hacienda system was a grant of land which the owner then staffed laborers
Pueblo Revolt rebellion in 1680 of pueblo Indians in new mexico against their Spanish overlords sparked by Spanish suppression of native religious activity and excessive Spanish demands in Indian labor
Created by: rees417
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