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Birth of a Nation

U.S Constitution

What did many of the English people feel about the Monarch They thought they had to much power and they wanted a limited government
Who forced King Jhon 1st to sign a document known as the magna carta A group of English Nobles
What did the Magna carta do It guaranteed certain rights and prevented the king from imposing taxes
What did the Parliament do began to move politcial power away from the king and to the people of england
Rule of law governments must Act within a set of rules
Who wrote the Social contract John Locke
what did the Social contract mean If the Governments fail to protect these rights the people have the right to overthrow and abolish it
what is A example of earliest representative governments in the new world House of Burgesses, the mayflower compact, new England town meetings
who was conficted with the rival governors the Colonial Legislatures
which way did the french and english grow They grew west
who should the British feel that should pay for the dept of the war. the Colonists
Quartering Act Colonists must provide lodging for British soldiers stationed in America
Stamp Act Law that taxed all printed material by requiring it barred a government stamp
Stamp Act Congress No taxation without representation
Boycott Protests against buying taxed goods
who enforced the boycott The son's of liberty
Declaratory Act Parliament has power to pass laws and must obey them
Townsend act Taxes placed on glass and tea
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