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world hitsory

vocabulary words

pax romana period of roman peace from 27 b.c.e to 180 c.e from the beginning of Augustus's reign until the death of Marcus Aurelius.. literally means "the roman peace"
republic form of govermnent in which voters elect their leaders
crucifixion roman method of execution in which the accused was placed on a cross and left to die a slow death from suffocation
equites class of roman business people who had wealth but little political power
consuls chief executives in early rome who ran the goverment and served as army commanders
veto to refuse to approve a measure
checks and balances system that prevented any one part of a goverment from becoming too powerful
latifundia large roman estates, found in the provinces; often produced grain for rome
indemnity money for war damages
praetor military commander and judge in ancient rome
censor person registered citizens according to their wealth to determine how much they should pay in taxes
paterfamilias father of the family had absolute authority
tribune roman official elected by the assembly of tribes
dictator leader with absolute power
legion most important military unit in the roman army
patricians citizens in control of roman goverment
plebians citizens in rome not of the aristocratic class
anarchy absence of any goverment at all
aqueducts bridgelike structures that carried water from an area with water to the city
colonsus roman tenant farmer who replaced slaves on large estates
collegia workers trade associations in ancient rome
rabbis jewish scholars learned in scriptures and in commentaries on religious law
inflation increase in prices
martyrs persons put to death becaused they refused to renounce certain beliefs
patriarchs bishops for administrative centers for the church in the last yrs of the roman empire
pope father of catholic churches
julius caesar helps the roman empire to get stronger
hannibal fights with africanus
marc antony marries cleopatra, later comits suicide
cleopatra marries marc antony
spartacus famous slave that rebelled
scripio africanus fights with hannibal
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