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Early American

What is known in human history, the period before written records were ever made? Prehistory
What is the science that deals with the dynamics and physical history of the earth? Geology
What are specialist that studies prehistoric cultures by analyzing their artifacts or remains? Archaeologists
What is any object made by human beings from ancient times? Artifact
What is any remains or traces of a living thing from a former age? Fossil
What were early humans known as? Hunter-gathers
What did hunter-gathers developed to help them in hunting to kill large prey? Tools
What were these tools made of for the hunter-gathers? Stones, Sticks, or Bones
What did the hunter-gathers created as part of their tools? Fire
What are people who travel from place to place in order to survive? Nomads
What is the term used to move to another place? Migration
What is a development that helps humans build values, attitudes, and beliefs? Culture
During what season did the hunter-gathers were travel? Winter Time
What are places, climates, plants, and animal life that lives there? Environments
What does it means for a living things to get use to the weather and climates of an area? Adapt
What are the names of at least 8 for the creatures that lived in ancient times? Mastodons, Mammoths, Saber Tooth Tigers, Bison, Giant Sloths, Small Horses, and Large Antelope
What were composed of at least 25 to 50 people that worked together as a group in ancient times? Clans
What is the practice of bringing water to fields, usually by ditches and channels? Irrigation
What is a complex creation of cultures that created systems of governments, religion, economy, and ways of living within a society? Civilization
In a civilization, what is a system of growing crops for food known as? Agriculture
What is a system by which a group makes, uses, shares, trades goods, and services to each other and others? Economy
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