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science vocab

dominant trait genetic factor that blocks another genetic factor
genetics study of how traits passed from parents to offspring
genotype alleles of all the genres on an organism's chromosomes
heredity passing off traits from parent to offspring
heterozygous having two different alleles for a trait
homozygous having two identical alleles for a trait
phenotype how traits appear or are expressed
recessive trait genetic factor that is blocked by the presence of a dominant factor
selective breeding selection and breeding of organisms for desired traits
trait distinguishing characteristic of an organism
codominance inheritance pattern in which both alleles can be independently observed in an organism 's phenotype
genetic engineering modification of an organism's genetic material by inserting DNA from another organism
incomplete dominance intherence pattern in which offspring's phenotype is a combination of its parents’ phenotypes
monohybrid cross two individuals that are hybrids are crossed for one trait
multiple alleles gene having more than two alleles
mutation any permanent change in the sequence of DNA in a gene or a chromosome of a cell
pedigree model that shows genetic traits that were inherited by members of a family
polygenic inheritance pattern in which multiple alleles determine the phenotype of an organism
Punnett square shows the probability of all possible genotypes and phenotypes of offspring from a particular cross
sex-linked trait alleles that are on an X or Y chromosome
adaptation inherited trait that increases an organism’s chance of surviving and reproducing in a particular environment
conservation biology branch of biology that studies why many species are in trouble and what can be done to save them
evolution change over time
extinction occurs when the last individual of a species dies
introduce to bring a substance or organism into a habitat or population
natural selection process by which individuals with traits that help them survive in their environment live longer, compete better, and reproduce more than those individuals without these traits
survive to remain alive
variation slight difference in an inherited trait among a population
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