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Plato and Machiavell

Which political system was in place at the time of Plato's writing? Direct Democracy
Who was Plato's tutor? Socrates
What three kinds of desires did Plato believe a person is governed by? Appetite, Spirit, and Reason
Which is the most important desire that a person is governed by? Reason
What is the desire for appetite described as? Food, drink, other worldly desires
What is the desire for spirit described as? Determination, drive for success
What is the desire for reason described as? Knowledge
What types of people are governed by appetite? Farmers and merchants
What types of people are governed by spirit? Soldiers
What types of people are governed by reason? Leaders
What was Plato's book called? Republic
What did Plato suggest should happen to avoid the Philosopher Kings governing in their own interests? Ensure that they have no interests by making them live in a semi-communist society with no houses, family, or property
Truth plays an important role in Plato's philosophy according to the video. Why? (2 reasons) 1. His government is true because the philosopher king is true everyone else is wrong 2. The philosopher king is the only one with the ability to find and distinguish truth.
Where is Plato from? Athens, Greece
Where was Machiavelli born? Florence, Italy
When was Machiavelli born? 1469
How old was Machiavelli when he became second Chancellor to the Republic of Florence? 29
Why did Machiavelli lose his position as Second Chancellor to the Republic of France? He was indicted in a plot to overthrow the Medici family
What does a person who is governed by spirit have/believe in? Honor; sense of duty
What were the "Advice books?" Recommended how princes should govern
What was Machiavelli's book? The Prince
How did "The Prince" differ from other advice books? Discouraged Christian virtues
Why did Machiavelli believe princes should not keep Christian virtues? They would become predictable and could essentially have no threats
What should princes do to attract fortune? Protect themselves from fortune; not expect fortune; treat it roughly
What is virtu? Doing what needs to be done based on each situation
What is virtues? Qualities that apply/ are applied in every situation
Why was history important to Machiavelli? Storehouse of examples
How is it linked to glory? If a Prince produced a glorious state, he would be one of the examples.
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