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100 Fact History Map

100 Facts for Texas History Course Map

What are the 4 regions of Texas? Gulf Coastal Plain, North Central Plains, Great Plains, and Mountains and Basins
What places do the Sabine River separate? Texas from Louisiana
What places do the Red River separate? Texas from Oklahoma
What places do the Rio Grande River separate? Texas from Mexico
What did the Native Indians do? Native Indians inhabited Texas prior to Spanish exploration
What are the 4 major groups of the Native Indians of Texas? Southeastern, Plains, Puebloan, and Western Gulf Indians
What name did the Southeastern Indians give Texas? They gave Texas "tejas" meaning friendly
What did the Plains Indian depend on? Buffalo for many uses
What were the Puebloan Indians known for? adobe pueblos and traded with the Plains Indians for animal hides
Who was the first to come in contact with the Western Gulf Indians? The Western Gulf Indians were the first to come into contact with the Spanish
What was the goal of Spanish Explorers? Gold, God, and Glory
Who took the first cattle and horses in Texas? They came with Spanish explorers in 1500s
Who was the first person to map Texas's coastline? Alonso Alvarez de Pineda in 1519
Who was the first Spanish Explorer to travel through Texas and write what they saw? Cabeza de Vaca
Who searched for Cibola, the fables seven cities of Gold? Coronado searched for Cibola
Who built Fort St. Louis and claimed the land of France? La Salle built Fort St. Louis and claimed the land of France
What was the goal of the Spanish mission system? They were to teach Native Indians the Spanish way of life ( language, Christianity, and farming)
Created by: Sabrina_thecool
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