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Obscure Some opined that George W. Bush considered it his duty to finish the job started, but for some obscure reason not completed, by his father at the time of the Gulf War - Mơ hồ
Triumphant Others believe that Bush Junior expected a short and triumphant war which would guarantee him a second term in the White House - rất thành công
Which The great strength of American capitalism is also its great weakness, namely, its extremely high productivity
Mechanization Produced enormous increases in productivity, for example, the mechanization of the production process that got under way in England as early as the 18th century - Cơ giới hóa - bắt đầu
Spectacularly The productivity of the great American enterprises rose spectacularly - ngoạn mục
Rolled off In the 1920s, countless vehicles rolled off the assembly lines of the automobile factories of Michigan every single day - xuất xưởng
Robust - pocketbooks Most Americans at the time did not have sufficiently robust (strong) pocket books (financial situation of a person or country) for such a purchase
Chronic disharmony and the result was the emergence of a chronic disharmony (Mẫu thuẫn kinh niên) between the ever-increasing economic supply and the lagging demand (nhu cầu bi bỏ lại phía sau)
Burst crisis of overproduction. Warehouses were bursting (đày ấp) with unsold commodities, factories laid off workers, unemployment exploded
Expenditure Military expenditures(Sự chi ra) of GDP thus rose between 1939 and 1945 from an insignificant 1,5 per cent to approximately 40 per cent.
Gargantuan American industry also supplied gargantuan (extremely large) amounts of equipment to the British
Subsidiary Subsidiaries of American corporations (Công ty con của các tập đoàn Mỹ) such as Ford, GM, and ITT produced all sorts of planes and tanks
Disequilibrium The key problem of the Great Depression – the disequilibrium between supply and demand – was thus resolved
Ordinary American - spending orgy As far as ordinary Americans were concerned (Như mối quan tâm của nhũng người Mỹ thông thường), Washington’s military spending orgy (chi tiêu lớn) brought not only virtually full employment but also much higher wages than ever before
An unprecedented degree of prosperity Majority of the American people achieved an unprecedented degree of prosperity
Beneficiary Greatest beneficiaries of the wartime economic boom were the country’s businesspeople and corporations, who realized extraordinary profits
price controls The state ordered billions of dollars of military equipment (chi hàng tỷ đô cho thiết bị quân sự), failed to institute price controls (không kiểm soát giá cả)
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