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what made it possible for the transcontinental railroad to be made pacific railway act
where was the union pacific located Omaha, Nebraska
who worked on the union pacific civil war veterans, convicts, African Americans, Irish
where was the central pacific being built Sacramento, California going East
who worked for the central pacific Chinese immigrants due to labor shortage
what was the wedding of the rails Two companies met transcontinental railroad was completed
what was the great northern known for built without government land grants
how did the railroads affect the US economically created jobs stimulate US economy growth especially in the west
what did railroads establish four standard time zones
The U.S. Becomes an Industrial Giant After the Civil War: by 1900 US is the what most dominant country
what did natural resources provide an abundat supply of water, timber, coal, and iron ore
why did population triple in size immigration
what did they believe supply and demand do determine prices and wages
what is an Entrepreneur someone willing to risk their own money to start a business
what are Tariffs tax on imports to protect american businesses and allow them to compete, especially with Europe
what new invention transformed communication the telephone
Transportation: railroad will ship goods faster and cheaper
what did Thomas Edison invent light bulb
what is a corpporation a company owned by many investors called stockholders but treated by law as a single person
economies of scale they meet the demands of a national market and lower prices because more efficient with lower costs.
Horizontal integration: purchase of competing companies in the same industries to create a monopoly. Ex. Standard Oil Trust (Rockefeller)
Vertical Integration: purchase companies at all levels of production from raw materials to finished product. Ex. U.S. Steel
what did captains do create jobs actions that will benefit society
Robber Baron were accused of robbing their company
Andrew Carnegie “the Master of Steel”: was the first to use the Bessemer process gave away much of his wealth steel
John Rockefeller – Standard Oil: ruthless businessman
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