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Chapter 1-3 vocab

Conquistador a Spanish explorer
Armada a fleet of warships
Tenant farmer settler who pays rent/provides work in exchange for the right to use land
Unalienable rights rights than cannot be taken away
Culture the way of life of people who share similar beliefs and customs
Federation a government that links or unites different groups
Plantation a large farm
Primary source original material from the time period being studied
The Reformation religious movement rejecting or changing some of the Catholic beliefs
Pilgrimage a journey to a holy place
Presidio type of fort usually built near a mission
Northwest Passage sea passage between the Atlantic and Pacific; a direct water route through the Americas
Capital machines, buildings, and tools used to make goods and services
Inference something that we assume based on what appears to be true
Ethics principles against which actions are determined to be right or wrong
Natural right basic right to which all
Circumnavigate to sail around the world
Innovation something that improves upon an existing process or service
Immigration coming to live in a new country
Economics the study of how people and countries make choices about ways to use scarce resources to meet their needs and wants
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