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SS Topic 1 Vocab

The First Americans

migrate to move
culture a system of beliefs and ways of living that are special to a certain group, including their language, religion, government, and arts.
hunter-gatherer someone who hunts animals and collects wild plants for food.
agriculture the system of growing crops for food
civilization a complex culture that has made advances in learning, as well as in systems of government, religion, economics, and the arts
irrigation the practice of bringing water to fields, usually by means of ditches and channels.
adapt to change in order to live in a new place
bison a large animal that once roamed the Great Plains
economy the system by which a group makes, uses, and shares or distributes goods and services.
nomad a person who travels from place to place in order to survive
government the system by which nations and other groups make laws and carry out the affairs of citizens
council a decision-making body that makes decisions for the good of the group
league a group made up of different nations that share the same goals
ancestor a group of family member who lived in the past
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