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Early Colonies

Review early colonies for test

A piece of ownership in a company Stock
A document giving investors permission to establish a colony Charter
The first successful English colony Jamestown
The winter of 1609-1610 in which Jamestown colonists faced food shortages, ineffective leaders, and Powhatan attacks. The Starving Time
Protestants in England that wanted to leave the Church of England to start their own denomination in the 1600s. Separatists (Pilgrims)
The first document written to set up a representative government in the English colonies. Mayflower Compact
The first democratic assembly in the New World at the Jamestown colony. House of Burgesses
This was the name of the colony of New York before being taken over by the English. New Netherlands
This was the river at the center of the New Netherlands colony. Hudson River
Varied cultures and characteristics found in a place. Diversity
These were the requirements to be able to vote in the early Massachusetts Bay colony Male church members that owned land.
This minister wanted to change the voting requirements in Massachusetts. He started the colony of Connecticut. Thomas Hooker
This woman contradicted Puritan leaders. She was banished and started the settlement of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Anne Hutchinson
This Puritan wanted a separation of Church and State and to pay Natives for their land. He founded Rhode Island. Roger Williams
Giving the right to vote to all men in the colony (an idea later adopted by eh Constitution) gave Thomas Hooker this nickname. Father of American Democracy
This Native American taught the Plymouth settlers how to farm and helped them trade in New England. Squanto
The king allowed this colony to be created because he wanted a buffer between the Spanish in Florida and the plantations in South Carolina Georgia
This colony was started as a safe place for Puritans. Massachusetts Bay
This colony was started as a safe haven for Catholics. Maryland
This colony was started as a safe haven for Quakers. Pennsylvania
This person proposed settling Georgia as a debtor's colony. James Oglethorpe
This Quaker received the land of Pennsylvania as payment for a debt owed by the king. William Penn
This individual used harsh rules to help Jamestown survive difficult times. John Smith
This Native American woman acted as a bridge between Jamestown settlers and her Powhatan tribe. Pocahantas
This crop was the way that Jamestown finally started to make money. Tobacco
This crop was the big source of income for South Carolina Rice
This religious group, which helped found Pennsylvania, allowed greater equality for women and peacefully purchased land from Native Americans Quakers
This event saw 19 people killed and many more imprisoned in a time of fear and paranoia in Massachusetts Bay. Salem Witch Trials
Brackish drinking water, a severe drought and food shortage, and a blockade by Native Americans were problems faced by this settlement. Jamestown
This colony was started by the Dutch in order to take advantage of the economic opportunities, such as fur trapping. New Netherlands
The town meetings in this colony helped reinforce and require Puritan practices. Massachusetts Bay
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