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Us government histor

CLEP American GOV.

Which of the following statements bests reflects the pluralist theory of American politics? Public policies emerge from compromises reached among competing groups.
Which of the following is generally the most significant influence on an individual's identification with a particular political party? Family
Which of the following committee assignments would confer the most power and influence on members of the house of representatives? Ways and Means
Which of the following statements about Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka is correct? It Declared segregation by race in the public schools unconstitutional.
Prior to the Voting Rights Act of 1965, literacy tests were used by some southern states to? prevent African Americans from exercising their right to vote.
The practice whereby individual senators can veto federal judicial nominations in their respective states is called? senatorial courtesy
Differences between House and Senate Versions of a bill are resolved where? In a conference committee
Which of the following principles protects a citizen from imprisonment without trial? Due process
The passage of legislation in congress often depends on mutual accommodations among members. This suggests that< to some extent, congressional behavior is based on what? the principle of reciprocity
Which of the following statements accuratly describes the president's veto power? A president sometimes threatens to veto a bill that is under discussion in order to influence congressional decision making. Congress is usually unable to override a president's veto
All of the following issues were decided at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 EXCEPT? voting qualifications of the electorate.
The principle of stare decisis refers to which of the following? The judicial principle of following precedents that were established in previous court decisions.
The usefulness to the president of having cabinet members as political advisers is undermined by the fact that The loyalties of the cabinet members are often divided between loyalty to the president and to their own executive departments.
All of the following are constitutional rights that neither the federal government nor the states can restrict EXCEPT the right to be indicted by the grand jury.
In the electoral history of the United States, third parties have been effective vehicles of protest when they dramatized issues and positions that were being ignored by the major parties
Which of the following best defines the term judicial activism The attempts by judges to influence public policy through their case decisions.
High levels of political participation have been found to be positively associated with which of the following? A high level of interest in politics A sense of political efficacy A strong sense of civic duty
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