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Lumbar Spine

What degrees of flexion do you get for anterior/ posterior pelvic tilt 20 degrees
How do you check the length of the QL Lateral flexion
What is spondylitis It is the inflammation of the spine. What happens to the vertebrae? The vertebrae fuses and becomes stiff
What is a disc prolapse It is the impingement of the nucleus pulposus on the annulus fibrosus
What is spondylolisthesis It occurs when the vertebrae slips forward onto the bone below it. What ROM is painful and limited Extension ROM
What does pain in flexion implicate? Discogenic issues
What does pain in extension implicate? Facet joint problems What else does pain in extension implicate? Spondylolisthesis and spondylosis
List three ways that TA and multifidus increases spinal stability Increase in intra-abdominal pressure Increase in joint stiffness Increase in rotational stability
What is a disc extrusion It is when the nuclear pulposus emerges through on the annulus fibrosus. Which ligament is affected and what happens? The posterior longitudinal ligament. But it remains intact.
What is a disc sequestration It is when the nuclear pulposus emerges through the annulus fibrosus and the posterior longitudinal ligament is disrupted. Where does the nucleus pulposus enter and what problems does it cause? The epidural space. It causes nerve root issues
Name four functional back assessments Segmental stability Single leg bridge hold Prone hip extension test Single leg squat
How do you test segmental stability? Active flexion What do you pay attention to? Mobile or stuff segments
What does a single leg bridge hold test? Tests glutes function What else does it test? Internal and external obliques
What does a prone hip extension test test? Lumbopelvic stability What else can you deduce from this test? What muscle action do you expect Proprioceptive abilities. Glutes should fire most then hamstrings and the contralateral erector spinae
What movement analyses can be performed for the back? Name seven Segmental bridges Bridge with rotation Bridge with extension Hip hikes Squat Single leg squat Lunge
Name two clearing tests to do to differentiate lower back pain Squat and SIJ tests Name the four SIJ tests Gaenslins FABER Test Pain provocation test Anterior and posterior gapping
Created by: Kangai
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