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teas math

teas ATI 6th edition study guide

1 inch= cm 2.54 cm
2.54 cm =in 1 inch
1 foot=in 12 inches
1lb= oz 16oz
1miles=km 1.609km
1.609km = miles? 1 miles
1 miles= ft 5280 ft
1 yard=ft 3 feet
1 meter= feet 3.280
3.280839895 feet=m 1 meter
1 gallon= pt 8 pints
8 pints = gallon 1 gallon
1 gallon= quart 4 quarts
1 quart= pints 2 pints
1 pint= ounces 16 ounces
1 pint=cup 2 cups
1 liter= ounce 33.814 ounces
1 liter=quart 1 quart
1 kg= lb 2.2 lb
1 ounce= gram 28 grams
1 meter= yrd 1 yard
Fahrenheit to Celsius 5/9 (F-32)
Celsius to Fahrenheit 9/5(c+32)
area of a circle pi r^2
circumference of a circle 2 pi r
perimeter of a rectangle 2l+2w
area of a rectangle LW
area of a triangle 1/2b(h)
perimeter of a triangle a+b+c
perimeter of a square 4s
circular cylinder pi r^2 h
the average adult is __ to __ (m) meters tall 1.5-2
symmetry graph is divided at the center and is like a mirror.
single peak is called a unimodal
two peaks is called a biomodal
graph with single peak in center is called a bell-shaped, unimodal (normal)
when data is spread equally across the range of the distribution this is called a uniform distribution
to calculate mean add all numbers together and divide by how many numbers there are
the median is the most middle number
the number that occurs the most is called mode
you calculate the range by the highest-lowest number.
lines can be formed by y=mx+b
y=mx+b is m= slope intercept b=0
for y=mx+b when b=0 y-intercept=0
dependent variable is depends on at least one other variable
independent variable determines another variable.
circumference is length around a circle
circumference of a circle= 2(Pie)r
length of a particular part of a circle (arc) is L= n/360 x 2(pie)r
for a circle n is the degree of the angle
perimeter is all of the outer lengths added together
area units always has a squared at the end
area of a square is A= L x L
area of a rectangle is A= L x W
area of a triangle is A= 1/2 x B x H
parallelogram A= H X B
Trapezoid A= 1/2 X H X (b1 + b2)
Area of a circle is A= (pie) X r^2
Rhombus Area is A= 1/2 X d1 X d2
kg is 1000 grams
km is 1000 meters
kl is 1000 liters
to find the missing length of a triange is a^2+b^2=C^2
10^0= 1
10^-1= 1/10
10^-2= 1/100
27 and 25 hundredths is 27.25
9 and twenty seven hundredths is 9.27
M in roman letters = 1000
C in roman letters is 100
placing the roman letters C before M indicates that 100 -1000
MCM is 1900
MM = 2000
L in roman letters = 50
X in roman letters = 10
V is roman letters = 5
II in roman letters = 2
10^1= 10
10^2= 10x10=100
10^-3= 1/1000
10^3= 1000
prime factorization is the act of ___ a number into a product of prime numbers. factoring
To find a ____ of a number, write a series of divisions with the lowest primes with the number under the consideration is ____ prime factorization, divisible
when multiplying fractions you multiply straight across
when dividing fractions you flip the second number and x ex. 12/3= 12/1 / 3/1= 12/1 x 1/3= 12/3= 4
when adding or subtracting fractions you must have a common denominator
when dividing decimals there can not be a decimal in the numerator so you must move it ex. .043/.15652 = 43/156.52
to find the absolute value of a number you count the distance from 0.
rational numbers when converted to a decimal form terminates or repeats
irrational numbers form neither ___ or ___ and cannot be written as a ____ (fraction) terminates or repeats, rational
absolute values mean that the answer could be positive or negative
the absolute value for the equation lxl=3 is x=3 or -3
IV is 4
IX is 9
XL is 40
XC is 90
CD is 400
CM is 900
for roman numbers if the smaller value is written to before the large value that u minus the smaller number from the larger number
MMM= 3000
D= 500
LXXII = 72
LX is 60
C= 100
of means times or x
what translates to a variavle
is means equals or =
% means x 0.01
the average adult in meters is 1.5-2m
in celius 0= 10= 20= 30= 0= freezing 10= not freezing 20= warm 30= hot
1cc is the same as 1 ml
constant of proportionality is also known as rate of change (m)
if a number is three times as large as another number in a ratio and fraction 3:1 or 3/1
if 4lb sugar costs $2.59, how much should 5lb sugar cost? set the equation. then you do? 4/$2.59 = 5/x then cross multiple and solve for x
a 10ml vial of aminophylline is labeled "50 mg per ml" what is the amount of aminophylline in this vial? x/10 = 50/1 x= 500mg
direct variation or direct proportion is when something increases or decreases respectively
1 mile= ft? 5280 ft
a unit rate means that the denominator is 1 EX: 25 miles/ hr
4 times the price of one hotdog = $26. we want to know the price of 1 hotdog so we solve the equation for ___ and divide both sides by ____ (equation 4H= $26) 1 hotdog, 4
Pie charts are mainly used to present portions/ percentages of a whole
measures of central tendency includes mean, median, and mode
to get the mean add all numbers and divide by how many numbers there are
median is the midpoint of the list from least to greatest
if there are 2 numbers in the median than you? add both together and divide by 2
numbers in a list that are extremely larger or smaller than the other numbers are called an outlier
the mode is the number that occurs the most
the range is found by max-min
for a graph symmetry is when you can split in half and its a mirror
in a graph if distributions with fewer observations on the right it is skewed right
in a graph if distributions with fewer observations on the left it is skewed left
___ occurs when 2 or more variables are related to each other. covariance
when an increase in a variable produces the decrease in another it is called an inverse variation
in the equation y=kx and y=k/x the variable x is called the ____ and the variable y is the ____ independent, dependent
the independent variable is normally ___ on a graph and the dependent variable is normally ___ on a graph x (horizontal), y (vertical)
there are __ mm per cm 10
1 inch is ___ cm 2.54
surface area is the is figured out by multiplying top and bottom, left and right, front and back and then add them all together
surface area of a sphere/ ball is 4(pie)r^2
surface area of a cyclinder is the area of the rectangle: 2(pie)rh
if the cylinder has closed ends the surface area will be with the 2 circle ends 2(pie)rh+2(pie)r^2
to find the area of a semi circle triangle you need to find the area of triangle and semicircle
to find the height of a semicircle triangle (triangle) use the radius ex. side 9.2 radius 3 9.2^2=3^2xh^2 = 75.64^2
for the semicircle triangle (triangle) the base is 6 and the height is 75.64^2 the area will be A= 1/2 (6) 75.64^2 A= 3 (75.64^2)
the area of the semi circle triangle (semi circle) is A= (pie r^2) /2
Once you have the area of the semi circle triange (triangle =3 (75.64^2) (semi circle (9/2)pie) you will add them = about 40.229 square unites
a/b is a fraction
order of operations PEMDAS (), exponent, multiple, division, addition, subtraction
> greater than
< less than
_> greater that or equal to
<_ less than or equal to
___ usually letters that represent an unknown quantity variables
___ are numbers constants
4x-7=2x+11 What is the variable terms 4x, 2x
4x-7=2x+11 what is the constants -7,11
4x-7=2x+11 what is the coeffect 4,2
___ math operations are just the opposite of the other or undue each other ex, division and multiplication or addition and subtracition inverse
___ can be represented by fractions, this includes whole numbers, positives and negatives, zero, and decimals that either terminate or repeat. rational
an ___ is an unexpected value that does not fit any trend or pattern in the data. outlier
pie is aprox 3.14
Created by: xokitty17xo
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