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Colonial Georgia

SS8H2 Analyze the Colonial Period in Georgia's History

Royal Period Beginning in 1752, the Trustees gave the colony of Georgia to the King. This lasted until the American Revolution.
Savannah The first capitol of Georgia; Founded by James Oglethorpe in 1733.
Trustees A group that manages an asset, in this case, a group of 21 men who managed Georgia. Only James Oglethorpe came to the colony.
Trustee Period 1732-1751 in Georgia. The period Georgia was governed by Trustees. Slavery, liquor, lawyers, and Catholics were banned during this period.
Charter of 1732 The document that formally established Georgia and gives the reasons why it was started by the trustees.
Debtor Someone who owed too much money and couldn't pay. In England they were imprisoned. Oglethorpe viewed Georgia as a second chance for them, but it never happened.
Defense Military protection. This is one of the three reasons Georgia was founded.
Economics One of the three reasons for Georgia's founding. England hoped Georgia would produce wine, rice, silk, and indigo.
Philanthropy One of the three reasons for Georgia's founding. To help worthy poor people who couldn't make a life for themselves in England.
Royal Governor The Governor of Georgia, appointed by the King, during Georgia's royal period.
W.R.I.S.T. Crops Wine, Rice, Indigo, Silk, and Tobacco. Crops Georgia's colony tried to produce
Yeoman Farmer A farmer who owns a small farm with no slaves. This is what Oglethorpe and the Trustees wanted in Georgia
Highland Scots A group of warriors from Scotland that Oglethorpe recruited to serve in Georgia. They settled the town of Darien.
Salzburgers A group of German religious protestants who were persecuted and came to Georgia for religious freedom and settled New Ebeneezer.
Mary Musgrove Half Creek, Half European woman who served as a translator for Oglethorpe and Tomochichi.
Tomochichi Chief of the Yamacraw Creek tribe near Savannah befriended and worked with Oglethorpe and allowed him to settle in Yamacraw territory
James Oglethorpe A trustee of Georgia and de facto Governor because he was the only Trustee who came to the colony. Military leader, philanthropist and British politician.
Buffer Colony One of the reasons for Georgia's founding was defense, to make Georgia a Buffer Colony, which means they protected the other colonies north of them from the Spanish in Florida.
Malcontents A group of colonists who complained about the regulations of the Trustees and eventually had Oglethorpe removed and got liquor and slaves allowed by the 1750's.
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