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SS final part one

artifact a man-made object
iroquois league of nations from North America
clan a group of interrelated families
confederacy an alliance
culture a way of life
extended family grandparents, aunts/uncles, cousins, etc.
land bridge a connection between two land masses
longhouse the traditional house of the iroquois
matrilineal family traced through the woman's side of the family
myth a story to explain something in nature
nuclear family parents, sisters/brothers
pre-columbian the time before 1492
prehistoric before written records
reservation land set aside for native americans
three sisters squash, beans, maize
tobacco a nicotine-rich plant
tuscarora the sixth nation that joined the iroquois confederacy
what re the 5 nations Seneca, Cayuga, Oneida, Onondaga, Mohawk
why was the iroquois confederacy formed for protection and strength
where was samuel de champlain from and what did he discover france; great lakes and canada know as "father of new france"
where was christopher columbus from and what did he discover spain; america and west indies
where was hernando cortez from and what did he discover spain; south americas and he conquered the aztecs
what did henry hudson from holland discover Hudson Bay and north america
what did henry hudson from england discover new york
where was prince henry the navigator from and what did he discover portugal; he sponsored many explorations and made a navigation school
northwest passage sea route from the atlantic ocean to the pacific
line of demarcation an imaginary line in between spain and portugal
what were the three main reasons for exploration god, glory, gold
columbian exchange exchange of food and diseases between the new world and the old world
conquistador a spanish conquerer
mercantilism the belief of trade and benefiting the mother country
new england colonies new hampshire, massachusetts, rhode island, connecticut
middle colonies pennsylvania, new york, delaware, new jersey
southern colonies maryland, virginia, north carolina, south carolina, georgia
who purchased new york in 1626 peter minuit
jamestown the first english settlement
what was the french and indian war also known as the seven year war
1607 jamestown was founded
1620 mayflower sails
embargo an official ban
tariff taxes on imports and exports
battle of sartoga turning point
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